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  • Model: HY-4000
  1. On/Off operation of One-touch sensor and each selection function, One-touch operation system
  2. Using platinum titanium electrode
  3. Large Color LCD Screen
  4. Self-diagnosis error display function System
  5. Large capacity 2 filter system (UF composite filter)
  6. Wireless Filter Detection System
  7. Actual usage check filter life Display function system
  8. Voice messages for each usage and On/Off function system
  9. System to display water discharge per minute in liters(ℓ)
  10. SMPS power control system
  11. Nano bubble function
  12. Easy to change filters with the front sliding door type



Item name hydrogen water generator
Model name: mediqua HY-4000
Manufacturer name: Jinnys co., Ltd
Serial number, Date of manufacture See the back of the product
Electricity: 220V AC 60Hz
Power consumption: 100w
Dimension: 35.0cm x 35.0cm x 15.0cm
Net weight / Gross weight: 7.0kg / 7.0kg
Operation method: Touch sensor method
Water temperature: 5 ~ 35˚C
Max. Water pressure: 1.0 ~ 4.0kgf/cm*
Electrolysis method continuous electrolysis method (flow sensor embedded)
Filtration – Exchange cycle 1st filter : About 6 month, 2nd filter : About 12 month
                    Exchange indication Voice guidance when the remaining amount used in filter1 and filter2 on the LCD screen reaches 500ℓ
                   Filter type 1st filter : UF composite filter  2nd filter : composite filter
power protection devices fuse
Over current detection automatic stop
Overtemperature protection device Built-in temperature detection circuit in smps stops operation of the device

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